Cultural Circumcision

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Reasons For Cultural Circumcision

Apart from the religious aspect there are many cultural reasons for circumcision.

There are tribes within Africa who still practise circumcision as a way of defining a boy’s journey from childhood to manhood. It is seen as a statement of masculinity and a throwing away of any ‘feminine ‘aspects.

Cultural Circumcision is also performed amongst the Australian aborigines and the peoples of the Fuji islands, Samoa and Tonga.
This is also performed as a rite of passage and an act of hygiene.

Circumcision which is performed for religious or cultural reasons is known as ‘non-therapeutic’ or ritual circumcision.

Cultural Circumcision

Religious Circumcision

Cultural Circumcision

For the majority of people circumcision is performed as an essential part of their religion. Judaism and Islam both view circumcision as a duty to God or a way of confirming one’s dedication to their faith.

Cultural circumcision is not an issue within the West but there are communities within Africa and Asia who continue to practise circumcision. In their eyes this defines the moment when a boy passes into manhood.

Circumcision is every commonly practiced across religious and cultural divisions in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Judaism and Cultural Circumcision

In Judaism, this ancient practice has been undertaken for more than 3,000 years.
Baby boys are circumcised as a statement of Jewish identity and an act of faith. This ceremony or ‘bris’ is performed by a man (a mohel or rabbi) who is specially trained in this procedure. This is carried out on the eighth day following birth unless there is a serious risk to the health of the baby. It is performed at the baby’s home or a synagogue and on the Sabbath or holy day. It is seen as mandatory for Jewish born babies and men who later covert to Judaism.

Dr Basith Amjad is a paediatric surgeon at the Royal Hospital For Sick Kids in Glasgow. The clinic attracts patients from all parts of the Kingdom. The clinic is well-known to Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities.

All cultural circumcisions are performed at Glasgow Circumcision Clinic.

Islam and circumcision

Islam views circumcision as an act of submission and one that should be carried out in a boy’s childhood, usually within the first few months. However, some argue that it is a matter of personal choice. It can also be viewed as an act of cleanliness. This is an important issue for Muslims who believe that the body must be clean and free from any secretions (including urine) before prayer.

They argue that the removal of the foreskin during circumcision means that it will be easier to keep the penis clean. Plus it also means that the body will be free from the risk of disease and infection.

As with Judaism, circumcision is a statement of identity, of belonging to a group or in this case, a religion.
Circumcision is usually performed in a clinic or hospital by a trained practitioner. So you can be assured that Dr Basith Amjd, Our clinical lead is also a paediatric surgeon at The Royal Hospital for sick children in Glasgow and has carried over 1000 circumcisions.

It is encouraged but remains a matter of choice for both boys and men. This equally applies to adult converts to Islam

Cultural Circumcision

Cultural Circumcision

Christianity and Cultural Circumcision

Many people are familiar with the notion of circumcision and Judaism but less so with other religions such as Christianity. The Old Testament part of the bible argues that circumcision is an essential part of Christianity and an agreement with God. But this is not a requirement in the New Testament,  however in more practicing families, cultural circumcision is still prevalent, particularly in the United States Of America.

Christians do not have to be circumcised as part of their religion and this remains a matter of personal choice.

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic offers patients and their families a professional, private circumcision service. It is a private male religious circumcision, cultural circumcision and medical circumcision clinic based in Glasgow that caters for the circumcision of male infants aged between 2 weeks and 4 months using the plastibell technique and reassuringly, we are the leading private provider of circumcision for boys.

Our patients and their families are offered a complete care package with both preoperative and aftercare support and assistance. A thorough professional service with the use of the safest technique is used to assure a safe and satisfactory outcome to all families who choose to use our services.

Surgeons at the clinic have extensive experience in performing religious, cultural and medical circumcisions.

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