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Leading Private Circumcision Clinic

Muslim Circumcision Clnic in Glasgow

The premier Muslim Circumcision Clinic in the UK is Glasgow Circumcision Clinic. This is a specialist clinic providing circumcisions for male infants, babies, young children up to the age of 4 months. The Circumcision procedures are performed in accordance with Islamic traditions and we use the plastibell circumcision method as it is almost completely pain-free with use of local anaesthetic. It is also the way we can ensure the minimum discomfort and the shortest recovery period for your son.

Starting a Muslim Circumcision Clinic

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic is set up by Sajid Bashir and Dr Dr Basith Amjad who is a paediatric surgeon at the royal hospital for sick children in Glasgow as well as our clinical lead. We started Glasgow Circumcision Clinic to benefit the Muslim community of the United Kingdom as it became known to Dr Amjad that religious and cultural circumcision would no longer be funded by the NHS despite the numbers requiring the procedure continue to rise.

Muslim Circumcision Clinic

Qualified Circumcision Surgeons

Dr Amjad has an extensive experience in performing cultural and religious circumcision and has performed over 1000 procedures at the clinic to date.

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic attracts patients from all parts of the Kingdom as well from overseas.  The clinics are well-known to the UK’s Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities.

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic offers full counselling and circumcision aftercare services for the well-being of all patients, parents and families and can be contacted at 24 hours any time of the day.

Glasgow Circumcision Clinic offers patients and their families a professional circumcision service. It is a private male religious, cultural and medical circumcision clinic based in Glasgow that caters for the circumcision of male infants aged between 2 weeks and 4 months using the plastibell technique and reassuringly, we are the leading private provider of circumcision for boys.

Our patients and their families are offered a complete care package with both preoperative and postoperative support and assistance. A thorough professional service with the use of the safest technique is used to assure a safe and satisfactory outcome to all families who choose to use our services.

Surgeons at the clinic have extensive experience in performing religious, cultural and medical circumcisions.

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