Plastibell Circumcision

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What is Plastibell Circumcision

By The Leading Provider Of Private Circumcision

Plastibell is a clear plastic ring with handle and has a deep furrow running all the way around it. It provides a “no scalpel” circumcision technique in that the foreskin is not cut off the penis during the procedure, but at the end of the procedure. The adhesions between glans and foreskin are divided with an artery forceps. The foreskin is then cut longitudinally starting at the distal end dorsally to allow it to be retracted so that the glans is exposed. The appropriate size of Plastibell (comes in 6 sizes) is chosen and placed on the head of the penis. The foreskin is then pulled over the ring and a ligature is tied firmly around the foreskin, crushing the skin against the groove in the Plastibell. The handle is broken off at the end of the procedure and finally the excess skin protruding beyond the ring is then trimmed off.

platibell circumcision device

Plastibell Circumcision

About Plastibell Circumcision

We use the patented Plastibell device (made by Hollister Incorporated) for circumcising male infants.This procedure was developed in the United States where circumcision is carried out by on the majority of males. Plastibell circumcision is quick, straightforward and virtually pain free.

Benefits of Plastibell Circumcision

Plastibell circumcision is considered to be one of the safest and quickest methods of male circumcision. Under local anesthetic, plastibell circumcision is virtually pain free.

How Log Does Circumcision Take

The operation itself normally takes about 15-to-20 minutes and patients can expect to leave the clinic in about three hours – patients will only be discharged once a post-operative check, consultation and  has taken place. The compression against the underlying plastic shield causes the foreskin tissue to die off and thus the ring falls off in 3 to 14 days leaving a smooth circumferential wound that will heal over the following week. The Plastibell procedure is virtually pain-free because it is carried out under local anaesthetic and does away with the stitching and dressing normally required by other methods Plastibell circumcision is a scalpel free procedure. Operative trauma is minimal and over 95% of patients have no need for a return visit to the clinic after the procedure.

Our patients and their families are offered a complete care package with both preoperative and aftercare support and assistance. A thorough professional service with the use of the safest technique is used to assure a safe and satisfactory outcome to all families who choose to use our services.

Surgeons at the clinic have extensive experience in performing religious, cultural and medical circumcisions.

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